External & Internal Signage


For any business, signage is the most important element of visual communication. External signage in the UAE is as important to your business as your website because it tells people who you are and where you are located.

External signage is usually the first communication that your business will have with its patrons. The external signage of your organization welcomes, informs and directs and the vital first impression also speaks volumes about what your company epitomizes and stands for.

We are one of the leading outdoor signage companies in Dubai having worked with some of the most prominent brands. Our outdoor signage in Dubai comes in all shapes, sizes and styles and we have a wide range of materials available to manufacture signage as per our clients’ specifications. The beauty of hiring a local sign company in the UAE is that you can get bespoke signage, designed to perfectly reflect your business, its brand, and its values.


Indoor signage comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes to suit a diverse mix of environments and requirements. We provide high impact personalized indoor signage in Dubai that lasts.

Office signage in Dubai not only makes your premises visually appealing, but also helps organize and identify spaces so workers and visitors can easily find their way around.

From wayfinding signs to illuminated signs, corporate identity to hotel lobbies we provide professional, customized signage products for every kind of business. For all kinds of office signage needs in the UAE we have a wide range of standard sign solutions as well as cost-effective bespoke sign solutions. We offer acrylic, assorted metals, PVC cast wall signs and much more. Our designers can help you choose the right colors and materials to fit your corporate décor and help your office make a statement.

  • Reception signs and corporate logos
  • Retail signage
  • Directory boards for malls and office spaces
  • Menu boards